Biopsychology, Neuroscience, and Human Nature Crossword Puzzle

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Biopsychology, Neuroscience, and Human Nature Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: biopsychology : the specialty in psychology that studies the interaction of biology, behavior, and mental processes, neuroscience : focuses on how the brain produces mental processes and behavior , south america : charles darwin spent 5 years surveying this continent's coastline , ancestry : all creatures, including humans, have this in common , natural selection : individuals best adapted to the environment are more likely to flourish and reproduce , genotype : an organism's genetic makeup , phenotype : an organism's observable physical characteristics, genome : the complete set of genetic information contained within a cell , dna : a long, complex molecule that encodes genetic characteristics, genes : the functional units of a chromosome composed of nucleotides, chromosomes : tightly coiled threadlike structures along which the genes are organized, sex chromosomes: the x & y chromosomes that determine your physical sex