Restructuring the Postwar World Crossword Puzzle

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Restructuring the Postwar World Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: united nations : international organization that was intended to protect the members against aggression, mao zedong : the communist had a stronghold in north western china under their leader, marshall plan : an assistance program that would provided food, machinery, and other materials to rebuilt western europe, parallel :38th _ is a line that crosses korea at 38 degrees north latitude, nato : ten western european nations joined with the united states and canada to form a defensive military alliance (north atlantic treaty organization), iron curtain : during the cold war, the boundary separating the communist nations of eastern europe from the mostly democratic nations of western europe, truman doctrine : truman's support for countries that rejected communism, vietcong : communist guerrillas began to gain strength in the south, cold war : a struggle over political difference carried on by means short of military action or war, domino theory : the idea that if a nation falls under communist control, nearby nations will also fall under communist control, warsaw pact : the soviet union saw nato as a threat and formed its own alliance, ho chi minh : a young vietnamese nationalist who turned to the communists for help in his struggle, communes : still larger collective farms, brinkmanship : a policy of threatening to go to war in response to any enemy aggression, red guards : they left their classrooms and formed militia units, containment : a policy that directed at blocking soviet influence and stopping the expansion of communism.