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Anatomy Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: movable : the most common type of joint where bones are connected by ligaments and the bone surfaces are covered by a smooth layer of cartilage, acne: a condition where pimples are caused by a bacterial infection that happens when there is too much sebum secreted. , immovable : bones are fused together by tough collagen at this type of joint, spongy : the porous layer of bone tissue. , joint : a place where two or more bones of the skeleton meet, temperature : skin helps maintain a constant body _ by dilating or constricting blood vessels under the surface as well as by evaporating sweat off of the surface, cartilage : a tough, flexible, connective tissue that contains the protein collagen, ligament : a band of fibrous connective tissue that connects bones of the skeleton. , bottom : the cells at the _ of the epidermis are always dividing to form new cells, follicles : structures where your hairs originate. , bone marrow : soft connective tissue inside the pores and cavities of spongy bone that makes blood cells. (2 words), sebaceous : glands that are commonly called oil glands. , ossification : a process in which mineral deposits replace cartilage in bones. , sebum : a substance that waterproofs the skin and hair and prevents them from drying out.