Sun Safety Crossword Puzzle

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Sun Safety Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: longsleeves: a shirt with _ best protects your skin, tanning: any type of _ can damage your skin, ears: a hat with a broad rim protects what part of our body?, skin: what is the largest organ of the body?, dermatologist: what kind of doctor specializes in skin disease?, ounce: how much sunscreen do you need to apply? one _ , spf: you should use a sunscreen with an _ of 30 or higher, two: you should apply sunscreen every _ hours?, index: the uv _ measures the levels of harmful ultraviolet rays, reflect: you can get burned from water, snow and sand because they _ the sun's rays, melanoma: what is the deadliest form of skin cancer?, shade: seek _ between 10am and 2pm, sunglasses: how can you protect your eyes from the sun?