States of Matter Crossword Puzzle

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States of Matter Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: mixture : two or more substances together but not chemically joined, solid : the state of matter with particles which move the least, distillation : separation technique used to collect a pure liquid, particles : solids liquids and gases have different arrangements of …………………., melting : state change from solid to liquid, condensation : state change from gas to liquid, evaporation : state change from liquid to gas, contract : substances ……………… as they are cooled, soluble : salt is …………. in water, filtration : technique used to separate a liquid and insoluble solid, expand : substances ……………… as they are heated, water : substance collected after ice melts, steam : substance generated when water evaporates, solution : the mixture of liquid and dissolved solid e.g. sugar water, freezing : state change from liquid to solid, solvent : the liquid which does the dissolving e.g. water, liquid : the state of matter with the most energy, gas : the state of matter with which can be easily compressed, insoluble : sand is …………….. in water, solute : the substance which dissolves e.g. sugar