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Science Biology Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: cells: the smallest structural and functional unit of an organism, plasmolysis: as more water leaves the cell, the cytoplasm start to go away the cell wall. , turgid: when a plant cell that is full of water, energy: one of the product of respiration, which career protein needs it, ions: one or group of molecules with a electrical charge, flaccid: when water leaves the cell, making the cell no longer firm and become limp, oxygen: an element with atomic number of 8, carrier: _ protein is used in active transport, glucose: c6h12o6, cytoplasm: makes energy in the cell, diffusion: network movement of molecules from high concentration region to a lower concentration region , molecules: two or more atoms joined together , osmosis: diffusion of water molecules from high concentration region to low concentration region, cyanide: a poison that stops respiration, energy: one of the product in respiration, which career protein needs it to change shape, respiration: process that produces energy