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Power Players Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: advocacy:support for a particular cause or policy, amendment:a proposal to change text of a pending bill, debate:face-to-face discussion of candidates' views on issues, donkey:symbol for the democratic party, election:when constituents vote, elephant:symbol for the republican party, grassroots:the involvement of citizens is called _ advocacy, lobbying:the process to trying to influence legislators, register:i will _ to vote, sponsor:the original legislator who introduces a bill, veto:when the president doesn't sign a bill, rights:there are ten amendments in the bill of _ , executive:3 branches of government - legislative, _ , and judicial, president:the head of the executive branch of government, supreme:the highest court in the land is the _ court, vernon:george washington’s home is mount _ , senate:there are two chambers in the us congress. the house and the, member:"moc" stands for _ of congress, inauguration:when the president is sworn in _ day