Plant Movement & Respiration Crossword Puzzle

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Plant Movement & Respiration Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: glucose: starting substance of glycolysis, guard: cell, lower chlorophyl but blue-light receptor, epidermal: cell type no chloroplast, pulvini: group motor cells, reversible, cytoplasm: location of glycolysis, phototropin: receptor, blue-light, potassium: early day stomatal aperture, thigmonasty: movement from touch, malate: one of osmotically active solutes, hydrosylate of starch, atp: energy used by cells , nastic: "pressed close", (direction not enviro-controlled), epinasty: downward bending, stoma: contains radially oriented microfibrils, hyponasty: upward bending, carbondioxide: enters calvin cycle, contributing to stomatal closure; removed by pyruvate dehydrogenase, zeaxanthin: 450nm absoption peak, pyruvate: final product of glycolysis, mitochondria: location of krebs cycle, tropism : greek for 'turn' (by environmental stimuli), nadh: used to transport electrons