Physiological Addictions Crossword Puzzle

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Physiological Addictions Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: withdrawal : people continue smoking or consuming alcohol to avoid these symptoms, reinforcement : positive and negative _ allows for the initiation and maintenance of alcohol consumption, practical : a strength of the learning approach to smoking is that the approach has these types of benefits, dopamine : in the biological approach to smoking, these receptors help with the initiation, rebound : alcohol as medication creates this effect, specificity : a weakness of the cognitive approach to alcohol is that there is a lack of _ in the model, cues : a type of stimuli that can be associated with an object, person, or place, triggering a craving, trauma : in the cognitive maintenance of alcohol, people may not be able to soothe themselves because of this, efficacy : low self- _ can lead to a relapse in smoking, vink : in 2005, a psychological investigation regarding smoking was made by _ , sensitivity : constant consumption of nicotine can lead to a reduction of _ in receptors, carmelli : in 1991, _ found that genetic influences contribute to around 53% of the risk to take up smoking