Periodic Table and Chemical Reactions Crossword Puzzle

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Periodic Table and Chemical Reactions Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: properties : periodic functions of their atomic number. , nucleus : the outside of the atom, mass : number of neutrons, alkaline metals : so reactive that they're found in nature combined with other elements, mineral oil : store element in _ _ if reactive to water, columns : groups or families are arranged in _ , halogens : all form acids when combined with hydrogen. , proton : have a positive charge, electron : have a negative charge , staircase : a _ separates metals from non metals, atomic mass : the sum of the neutrons and protons added together, covalent bonds : when atoms share electrons, noble gas : all have 8 valence electron. (except helium), ionic bonds : when one atom gives an electron to another atom. , neutron : have no charge, alkali metals : these elements will need to be handled carefully and will have a whimis warning label when packaged , diatomic : made of 2 atoms. , prefix : represents number of atoms in a molecular compound, atom : made of electrons, protons, and neutrons. , inert gases : doesn't react with other elements