Non-Communicable Diseases GCSE Revision Crossword Puzzle

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Non-Communicable Diseases GCSE Revision Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: tumor : an abnormal growth of cells, chemotherapy : treatment that uses chemical drugs to stop the growth of cancer cells, insulin : a hormone produced in the pancreas, malignant : a tumor which spreads through the blood stream, we refer to this as cancer, benign : a tumor which is contained in one area, usually within a membrane, carcinogen : a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue, virus : a non-living pathogen, causes diseases such as hiv, hpv and measles, risk factor : anything that increases a chance of developing a disease, usually lifestyle factors of substances in a persons body or environment, tar : a mixture of different chemicals found in cigarettes which prevents the cilia in the lungs from working, carbon monoxide : a toxic gas which binds to hemoglobin in red blood cells and reduces how much oxygen they can carry, cirrhosis : scarring of the liver, often caused by too much alcohol consumption.