Newborn & Infant Crossword Puzzle

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Newborn & Infant Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: neonate: period of time ranging from birth to 28 days of life, infancy: period of time ranging from 29 days of life to 1 year of age , erikson: psychosocial development; trust vs. mistrust , delayed: _ gratification occurs when infant begins tolerating small amounts of frustration knowing that even if care is delayed, their needs will be met, sensorimotor: goal of this stage of development is object permanence , prone: rolls from _ to supine at 4 months, supine: rolls from _ to prone at 5 months , tripod: at 6 months of age, the infant should be sitting in a _ position where they're leaning forward onto both hands , six: what age (in months) should an infant be able to hold their own bottle?, sucking: _ reflex is the reflexive sucking when a nipple/finger is placed in infant's mouth, palmar: _ grasp reflex is when the infant reflexively grasps when palm is touched, six: at least _ wet diapers a day indicates adequate hydration , meconium: the first stool that's typically passed in first 48 hours; thick, tarry, sticky, & dark green, transitional: stool that appears usually by day 3; thin, brown to green, less sticky, below: fold diapers _ the level of the umbilical cord stump to prevent contamination , two: newborns can drown in _ inches of water, rear: _ -facing is recommended for most infants up to 2 years of age , back: it is recommended that babies sleep on their _ at all times