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Neurology Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: spinal: these nerves branch from the spinal cord, neurology: the study of the nervous system, brain: most important and complex part of the nervous system, cerebrum: the largest part of the brain involved in conscious thought, memory, and interpreting sensory information, axon: part of the neuron that transmits information away from the cell body, cerebellum: controls skeletal muscles during complex movements and learns certain repeated movements that become a habit, such as swimming or running, somatic: part of yourpns responsible for functions your body can control, cellbody: part of the neuron that contains the nucleus and controls the cell's growth, dendrite: part of the neuron that receives information and submits it to the cell body, brainstem: controls involuntary muscles and activities in your body such as breathing and heartbeat, interneurons: neurons found only in the cns that relay signals between other neurons or groups of neurons, neuron: the nerve cell of the body, motor: these nerurons transmit information from the cns, cranial: these nerves branch directly from the brain, sensory: these neurons transmit information to the cns, synapse: junction where one neuron meets another, and where messages are transmitted across, spinalcord: thick bundle of nerve fibers located within the spinal cavity, autonomic: part of your pns responsible for the many body functions you do not control consciously