Muscle Contractions and Actions Crossword Puzzle

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Muscle Contractions and Actions Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: flexion: decreasing the angle between two bones (bending), adduction: moving toward the body’s midline, pronation: rotating the forearm so the palm is facing backward or down, eversion: turning the sole of the foot outward, dorsiflexion: bringing your foot upward toward your shin, concentric: cause the muscle to shorten when it contracts, isometric: when there is no change in length of the contracting muscle, extension: increasing the angle between two bones (straightening a bend), abduction: moving away from the body’s midline, supination: rotating the forearm so the palm is facing forward or up, inversion: turning the sole of the foot inward, plantar flexion: depressing your foot, isotonic: when muscles change in length during contraction and resistance stays the same, eccentric: cause the muscle to lengthen when it contracts, isokinetic: muscles change in length to produce movement of a constant speed.