Miraculous Microbes Crossword Puzzle

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Miraculous Microbes Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: prokaryote: a single celled organism, recombinant: _ dna. dna created by scientists using bacteria to help produce insulin, hypothesis: a prediction or guess about what will happen in an experiment, pathogen: a disease causing microbe, fermentation: the process of changing the chemical structure of foods to change their taste, produce alcohol, or give them probiotic properties, bubonic: _ plague. was carried by the fleas that lived on black rats. not the black plague, vaccine: a type of medicine that stops you from getting sick by teaching your immune system how to fight a disease. edward jenner invented them, penicillin: an antibiotic invented by alexander fleming, probiotic: a type of food or supplement that helps the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. the opposite of an antibiotic, hyperthermophile: a microbe that can withstand extreme heat!, virologist: the name of someone who studies viruses, algaebloom: the term for excessive growth of green on a lake or river when farmer's fertiliser runs into the water.