Metallic Bonding Crossword Puzzle

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Metallic Bonding Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: alloy: mixture of different metals, metallic bonding: electrostatic attraction between metal ions arranged in a lattice structure and free-floating electrons, lattice: electrons are arranged in a _ -like structure in metallic and ionic bonds, electricity: metals are good conductors of heat and _ , ductile: metals can be stretched into thin wires because of this property, malleable: metals can be molded into different shapes because of this property, cloud: electrons form a " _ " around the nuclei of the atoms in metallic bonding, strong: the attraction present between atoms in metallic bonding is _ , glue: electrons act as a _ between metal atoms in metallic bonding, high: metals have _ melting and boiling points, heat: metallic bonds can only be broken with high amounts of _ energy