Medieval Medicine Crossword Puzzle

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Medieval Medicine Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: pilgrimage : a journey to a spiritual location used by some christians as a way to prevent or treat diseases, endowment : wealthy people donating money to the church in their will. this money was used to set up hospitals, apothecary : they made herbal remedies and medicines. cheaper than a physician and trained through apprenticeship, remedies : herbal infusions to drink, sniff or bathe in, penance : self-punishment to show god that you are sorry, purging: making someone sick (throw up) through the use of herbal remedies using mixtures of mustard, aniseed and parsley. , women : they treated patients in their homes, astrology: consulting star charts when diagnosing illnesses, bath : this was prescribed to help the body draw in heat to help dissolve blockages in the humors, miasma : theory that disease is produced from bad smells or pollution. , urine chart : physicians or barber surgeons would check the colour, thickness, smell and taste before making a diagnosis, flagellants : religious extremists who publicly whipped themselves during the black death to beg for god’s forgiveness for their sins in hopes of being spared from the epidemic, quarantine : separating the sick from the healthy to stop the spread of disease, bubonic plague : also known as black death.