Judicial Systems Crossword Puzzle

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Judicial Systems Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: rule: principle or maxim governing conduct, formula to which conduct must be conformed. , law: ordinance, rule prescribed by authority, regulation, that which is fixed or set, prejudice: despite, contempt, prejudgment, damage, harm, trial: act or process of testing, a putting to proof by examination, experiment. “to try”, jury: set number of persons sworn to determine the facts and truth of a case submitted to them and render a verdict. , attorney: one appointed by another to act in his place. to decree, assign, appoint, appeal: to call upon, accuse. call a higher judge or court. modern- be attractive or pleasing. , presumption: seizure and occupation without right. a taking for granted, anticipation, innocence: blamelessness, uprightness, integrity. freedom from guilt or wrong, purity, chastity, negotiate: to communicate with another or others in search of mutual agreement. , reason: to question, challenge, reckoning, understanding, motive, cause, felony: “evil-doer,” treachery, betrayal; deceit; villainy, wickedness, sin, crime; violent temper, , misdemeanor: ill-behavior, evil conduct, fault, inquire: to ask, ask about, seek information or knowledge, adversary: an opponent, rival, enemy, hostile (ad- “to turn” + versus), mediate: to halve, be in the middle, harmonize, reconcile , preponderate: outweigh, make heavier, to exceed in force or power, evidence: to show clearly, proof, obvious, apparent , plaintiff: complaining, lamenting, aggrieved,, court: sovereign’s assembly, enclosed yard, solicit, seek to win or attract