Geometry TABE Mastery Crossword Puzzle

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Geometry TABE Mastery Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: line: a straight one-dimensional figure that has no thickness and extends in both directions, segment: line _ is a piece or part of a line having two endpoints. , intersecting lines: the crossing of two lines, ray: begins at one end but goes on forever in the other direction. , parallel: _ lines that never cross, right: _ angle is an angle of 90 degrees, acute: _ angle is an angle less than 90 degrees, obtuse: _ angle is an angle greater than 90 degrees, complementary: two angles with a sum of 90 degrees, supplementary: angles that add up to 180 degrees, polygon: a closed two-dimensional shape such as - rectangle or triangle, , quadrilateral: a four-sided figure, congruent: having the same shape and size, also described as the mirror image of the other, coordinate: a grid formed by a horizontal and vertical number line is called _ plan, ordered: _ pair is a pair of numbers of (x,y) that is used to describe a location on a coordinate plane