Gastrointestinal System Crossword Puzzle

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Gastrointestinal System Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: stomach : after being swallowed, food goes to this place where it is mixed with acid, chew : crush food with your teeth, tongue : muscle in your mouth that is used for pushing food around, rectum : the place where waste is stored before it leaves the body, waste : the part of food that is not digested, nutrients : the good things in food, swallow : a verb that means to push food through your pharynx, digestion : the process of breaking down food for use as energy and building materials for your body, oesophagus : the tube that connects the stomach to the mouth, saliva : a slippery liquid that make food easy to swallow and helps to break the food down, large intestine : the tube after the small intestine where liquid is absorbed, liver : this produces juices (bile) that go into the small intestine and help digest food, small intestine : a long folded tube inside the body attached to the stomach where nutrients in the food are absorbed, pharynx : a part of your throat that acts like a gateway sending air into the lungs and food down into the stomach, teeth : these are used to chew food.