Forces / Magnets / Electromagnetism Crossword Puzzle

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Forces / Magnets / Electromagnetism Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: solenoid : a coil of wire with a current, mass : a measure of how much matter is in a object, magnetic field : the area of a magnetic force around a magnet, gravitational force : exist between any two objects in the universe, force : a push or pull, free fall : when the only force is gravity, magnetic force : attraction or repulsion between magnetic pulls, weight : is a measure of gravity on a object, acceleration : a velocity that changes speed or direction, net force : a combination of all forces on an object, inertia : objects that are either moving or not, resist changes in motion, magnetism : attraction or repulsion of magnetic materials, newton : what force is measured with, gravity : a force that pulls objects toward or away from each other, magnetic pole : any magnet that has two sides, electromagnetism : the relationship between electricity and magnetism, friction : two surfaces that rub against each other, compass : a device that has a magnet on a needle that spins freely, electromagnet : a solenoid with a ferromagnetic core, matter : anything that takes up space and can be weighted