Force, Motion, and Newton's Laws Crossword Puzzle

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Force, Motion, and Newton's Laws Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: physics: the branch of science concerned with the properties of matter and energy, compression: a squeeze or decrease in size, friction: a force that resists motion, matter: anything that has mass and takes up space, velocity: a variable that tells you both speed and direction, momentum: the mass of an object times its velocity, weight: a measure of the pulling force of gravity, inertia: the property of an object that resists changes in its motion, vector: a variable that gives direction information included in its value, motion: the action or process of moving or being moved, equilibrium: the state in which the net force on an object is zero, acceleration: the rate at which velocity changes, force: a push or pull, or any action that involves the interaction of objects and has the ability to change motion, tension: a pulling force that acts in a rope, string, or other object, mass: the amount of matter in an object, newton: the metric unit of force, gravity: the force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth.