Eye Anatomy Crossword Puzzle

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Eye Anatomy Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: fovea: the focal point on the retina where light is focused it also contains the highest concentration of rods & cones, vitreous: gelantinous humor that keeps the shape of the eyeball, hyperopia: farsightedness, ciliary: these muscles suspend and slightly distort the shape of the lens, cones: the color receptors on the retina, pupil: opening of the eye the allows light to enter the eye, retina: inner nerve layer of the eye that collects light and sends signals to the optic nerve, lens: clear object that refracts light rays onto the fovea centralis, myopia: nearsightedness, cornea: most anterior portion of the eye that is clear and refracts light towards the pupil, iris: the colored portion of the eye that control the amount of light entering the eye, disk: the blind spot where the retina attaches to the optic nerve is called the optic _ , blindness: not having the ability to see, rods: the black and white color receptors on the retina, optic: cranial nerve ii is a sensory nerve that sends signals to the visual cortex in the brain, sclera: white outer portion of the eyeball