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Enzymes Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: enzymes : name given to biological catalysts?, temperature : enzymes allow cells to carry out chemical reactions at a _ low enough to be tolerated by cells, rate : enzymes allow cells to carry out chemical reactions at a higher _ than would be possible without them, substrate : the molecule the enzyme works on is called the _ , active : the enzyme has a dimple or groove called the _ site, products : when the enzyme binds the substrate in its active site, the enzyme changes shape, causing the reaction to happen easily. the enzyme then releases the _ , lock : the substrate molecule fits the enzyme like a key fits a _ , digests : pectinase is an _ that digests pectin, small : "digest" means "break large molecules down into _ molecules", reaction : enzymes catalyse reactions by allowing a lower energy alternative chemical pathway for the reaction to occur. this allows the _ to occur at temperatures low enough and at rates fast enough for life to be sustainable, denatured : when an enzyme loses its shape due to high heat or to acid, it loses its function. we say it has become _ .