Environmental Emergencies Crossword Puzzle

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Environmental Emergencies Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: antivenin : serum that counteracts the effect of venom from an animal or insect, respiration : inhaling and exhaling of air, conduction : loss of heat by direct contact, diving reflex : slowing of the heart rate caused by submersion in cold water, turgor : ability of the skin to resist deformation, radiation : transfer of heat to colder objects in the environment by radiant energy, heat cramps : painful muscle spasms usually associated with vigorous activity in a hot environment, heat exhaustion : heat emergency in which a significant amount of fluid and electrolyte loss occurs because of heavy sweating, evaporation : conversion of water or another fluid from a liquid to a gas, convection : loss of body heat caused by air movement, bends : common name for decompression sickness, hypothermia : low body temperature, reverse triage : triage process used when treating multiple victims of a lightning strike, heatstroke : life-threatening heat emergency, drowning : process of experiencing respiratory impairment from submersion or immersion in liquid, homeostasis : balance of all systems of the body, hyperthermia : high body temperature, frostbite : damage to tissues as the result of exposure to cold.