Ecosystem Ecology Crossword Puzzle

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Ecosystem Ecology Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: carnivores : consumers that feed on herbivores or other carnivores , niche : a role or profession of an organism in its community and in ecology , photo autotrophs : producers; green plants, algae or cyanobacteria that convert light energy into food that can be consumed via photosynthesis, food chain : a simple model that scientists use to show how matter and energy move through an ecosystem; arrows in a food chain move in the direction of energy flow, herbivores : consumers that feed directly on producers, chemo autotrophs : organisms that get their energy by consuming inorganic molecules , fundamental niche : the range of conditions that a species can potentially tolerate and the range of resources it can potentially use, omnivores : consumers that eat both plants and animals, heterotrophs : consumers; obtain energy from food that they take into their bodies, decomposers : saprotrophs; heterotroph consumers that get their energy by breaking down dead organisms without ingesting them, habitat : a description of the physical location of a population or community of organisms, realized niche : a species is the range of resources it actually uses; this may vary based on competition or other interactions