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DNA Review Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: chromosome: the tightly packed form of dna during mitosis, semiconservative : replication results in half old and half new dna molecules, guanine : one of the 4 nitrogen bases, initial g, nucleus : is where dna is located in the cell, cytosine : one of the 4 nitrogen bases, initial c, deoxyribose: 5-carbon sugar molecule in dna, watson : along with crick, won the nobel prize for dna structure, dna polymerase : enzyme that reads dna template and adds nucleotides to new strand, thymine : one of the 4 nitrogen bases, initial t, helicase : "zipper" enzyme that breaks hydrogen bonds between base pairs, dna : a helical molecule that carries the genetic information of an organism and is passed from parent to offspring, chargaff : discovered the base-pairing rules of dna, gene : a segment of dna that codes for protein production, antiparallel : dna strands run in opposite directions, chromatin : loosely packed form of dna during interphase, adenine : one of the 4 nitrogen bases, initial a, franklin : took photo 51, x-ray images of dna