DNA Replication Crossword Puzzle

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DNA Replication Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: phosphates : the dna backbone has sugars and _ , autosome : any human chromosomes that are not the x and y chromosomes, ribosome : genetic information is carried to the _ so that the genetic code can be converted into protein molecules, nucleus : where dna replication first occurs in eukaryotes, gene : specific area of dna that codes for an amino acid, anti codon : a three-nucleotide sequence found on trna, nucleotides : deoxyribose sugar, nitrogen base and phosphate group are all a part of a _ , chromosome : a long dna molecule, uracil : the nitrogenous base found in rna but not in dna, adenine : nucleotide that pairs with thymine, dna : a molecule that contains genetic information, amino acid : a small molecule that joins with others to form proteins, base : part of a dna molecule that comes in four types