DNA and RNA Crossword Puzzle

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DNA and RNA Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: mutation: a change in the genetic material of cell, telomere: the tips of chromosomes, translation: the cell uses information from mrna to make proteins during _ , mutagen: a chemical or physical agent in the environment that interacts with dna and may cause mutation, polypeptides: a long chains of amino acids that make proteins, anticodon: a group of three bases of trna molecule that are complementary to the three bases of condon of mrna, polyploidy: a condition in which an organism has extra set of chromosome, diploid: a cell that contains two sets of homologous chromosomes, homologous: chromosomes in which one set comes from male parent and another set comes from female parent, replication: the process of copying dna from dna, mrna: a type of rna that carries copies of instructions for the assembly of amino acids into proteins from dna to all cell part, rna: a singled-stranded nucleic acid that contains the sugar ribose, genetic code: the language for naming rna, haploid: a cell that contains only one set of genes, transcription: the synthesis of an rna molecule from a dna template , or pattern, codon: each three base set of genetic code