DNA & Mitosis Crossword Puzzle

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DNA & Mitosis Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: spindle: long proteins used to move chromosomes around the cell, nucleotides: dna is made of a sequence of many of these in pairs, metaphase: spindle attaches to chromosomes and they move to the center of the cell, centromere: circle in the middle of a chromosome. attaches to spindle fiber, telophase: cell looks like an old telephone. two nuclei begin to form, gene: specific area of dna that codes for a protein, centriole: at either pole of the cell. makes spindle fibers, interphase: phase that takes up 90% of a cells life. includes 3 phases within it - g1, s, g2, chromatin: looks like a 'tin' of spaghetti. in this form through much of interphase, dna replication: what happens during s-phase of inter phase, chromosome: tightly wound protein and dna at the center of the cell during metaphase, adenine: nucleotide that pairs with thymine.