Digestive Enzymes Crossword Puzzle

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Digestive Enzymes Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: metabolism : all necessary chemical process of the body, anabolism : creation of complex molecules from simpler molecules, catabolism : breakdown of complex molecules into simple molecules, enzyme : protein that accelerates a reaction, denaturation : changes in an enzymes shape that results in loss of function, poly saccharides : complex sugars, iodine : detects presence of starch by causing color change, benedicts : detects presence of mono saccharides by causing color change, amylases : enzymes that breaks down complex carbs into simple sugars, proteases : enzymes that break down proteins into smaller proteins, pepsin : enzyme released by chief cells that breaks down proteins, lipases : enzymes that break down triglycerides into fatty acids, emulsification : bile breaking down large fat droplets into smaller droplets, lacteals : lymphatic vessels that absorb lipids, bapna : protein surrogate that turns yellow when broken down, litmus indicator : detects change in ph in lipids breakdown experiment