Cranial Nerves Crossword Puzzle

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Cranial Nerves Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: sensory : the olfactory nerve (cn i) fulfills its _ component through olfaction, optic : second cranial nerve fulfilling sensory component of the menace response, motor : the oculomotor nerve (cn iii) fulfils the _ component of the pupillary light reflex, fourth : the _ cranial nerve (trochlear n.), a motor nerve, controls the dorsal oblique muscle, trigeminal : fifth cranial nerve that is both motor and sensory and controls the muscles of mastication, motor : the abducent nerve (cn vi) fulfills the _ component of the corneal reflex, taste : the facial nerve (cn vii) has both sensory and motor components and is one of three cranial nerves functioning in _ , vestibulocochlear : eight cranial nerve that is only sensory and is involved in the physiologic nystagmus test, gag : the glossopharyngeal nerve (cn ix) has both motor and sensory components and is involved in the _ reflex, chemoreception : the vagus nerve (cn x) has both motor and sensory components and also functions in _ and baroreception, eleventh : the _ cranial nerve (accessory n.), has only a motor component and controls the neck muscles, hypoglossal : this twelth cranial nerve controls the tongue muscles and only has a motor component