Climate Change Review Crossword Puzzle

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Climate Change Review Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: ecoregion: a subdivision of an ecozone, thermohaline: the ocean's currents are driven by this type of circulation, climate: the characteristics of weather over a long period of time, positive: a _ feedback loop acts to increase the effects of the interacting parts, convection: the type of thermal energy transfer in which high energy molecules move in a liquid or a gas rise and fall, climatograph: a graph of climate data obtained over 30 years for a specific region, acidification: ocean _ is caused by dissolved co2 in the atmosphere, sinks: processes that absorb greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, anthropogenic: resulting from the influence of humans, greenhouseeffect: the natural warming caused when gases in earth's atmosphere absorb thermal energy that is radiated by the sun and earth, albedo: the fraction of sunlight that is reflected by ice, snow and clouds, montreal: this protocol was the first global treaty to protect the atmosphere from the impact of humans, heat: specific _ capacity is the energy required to raise the temperature of a substance, biome: canada has 7 of the 8 major _ in the world