Chemistry - Atoms, Elements and Compounds Crossword Puzzle

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Chemistry - Atoms, Elements and Compounds Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: right : non-metals are found on which side of the period table?, alkali : very reactive metals are known as _ metals, nucleus : found at the centre of an atom, atom : smallest unit of a substance, shells : surrounds the atom, halogens : group which is made up of very reactive non-metals, noble gases : group which is made up of very unreactive elements, electron : the three sub-atomic particles found in an atom are protons, neutrons and _ , neutron : this particle has a neutral charge, element : made of only one type of atom, compound : chemicals containing more than one atom that are chemically joined together, flow : liquids and gases can _ but a solid cannot, liquid : the three states of matter are solid, gas and _ , group : every column in the periodic table is called a _ , proton : this particle has a positive charge, transition : very useful metals such as iron, copper, gold are known as _ metals