Chemical Changes and Electrolysis Crossword Puzzle

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Chemical Changes and Electrolysis Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: acid : when dissolved in water, its solution has a ph value less than 7. acids are proton (h+ ion) donors, alkali : its solution has a ph value more than 7, base : the oxide, hydroxide, or carbonate of a metal that will react with an acid, forming a salt as one of the products. , displacement : a reaction in which a more reactive element takes the place of a less reactive element in one of its compounds or in solution, electrolysis: the breakdown of a substance containing ions by electricity, neutral : a solution with a ph value of 7 which is neither acidic nor alkaline. , reactivity : a list of elements in order of their reactivity (1st word), series : a list of elements in order of their reactivity (2nd word), salt : a compound formed when some or all of the hydrogen in an acid is replaced by a metal, strong : these acids completely ionize in aqueous solutions, weak : acids that do not ionize completely in aqueous solutions, electrolyte : a liquid, containing free-moving ions, which is broken down by electricity in the process of electrolysis, anode : the positive electrode, cathode : the negative electrode, anion : a negative ion, cation : a positive ion