Cell Organelle Crossword Puzzle

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Cell Organelle Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: microtubules : hollow rod of thick protein tubes in the entire of all clearly defined nucleus cells, cilia, flagella and cytoskeleton, microfilaments : long, stringy, thinner proteins compared to microtubules, centrosome : the organizing center of microtubules’, centriole : a structure in an animal cell composed of cylinders of microtubule triplets arranged in a 9 and 0 pattern, flagella : a long cellular addition specialized for moving to different environments, cilia : tiny hair like structures on the surface of the cell, cell wall : a strong, protective structure that surrounds a plant cell, nucleoid : a thick region of dna in a simple cell, cytoplasm : the thick liquid substance that holds all the parts that are inside a cell, plasma membrane : the thin membrane that encloses a plant or animal cell