Biology Revised Crossword Puzzle

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Biology Revised Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: centromere : the region that joins two sister chromatids, codon : a sequence of three nucleotide bases, mitosis : a process of asexual reproduction in eukaryotic cells, genetics : the science that studies how characteristics get passed down, anticodon : a three-nucleotide base sequence on trna, interphase : the time interval between cellular reproduction, meiosis : the process by which a diploid cell forms gametes, haploid : the number of homologous pairs in a cell, antibodies : specialized proteins that aid in destroying infections, gene : a section of dna that codes for the production of a protein, virus : a non-cellular infectious agent, vaccine : a weakened version of a pathogen that stimulates the body's production of antibodies, diploid : the total number of chromosomes in a cell, chromosome : dna coiled around and supported by proteins