Atomic Structure and Periodic Table Crossword Puzzle

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Atomic Structure and Periodic Table Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: mixture : elements or compounds, without a chemical bond, proton : which particle had a positive charge, dalton : the creator of the plum pudding model, atoms are solid spheres, distillation : separating solutions, mendeleev : predicted e=new elements on the periodic table, increase : the noble gas b.p ... as you go down the group, filtration : separating insoluble solids from liquids , chromatography : separating substances in a mixture, bohr : developer of the nuclear model, neutrons : isotopes have a different number of .., reactive : as you move down the halogens, they become less.., evaporation : separating soluble solids from solutions eg. crystallization, rutherford : disproved plum pudding model with scattering experiments, lower : group 1 metals have ... b.p than transition metals