Ancient Times Crossword Puzzle

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Ancient Times Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: mesozoic: _ is the time period when dinosaurs roamed the earth, sediment: a type of rock that is made up of pieces of rock moved by wind, running water, flowing ice and gravity, cenozoic: _ is the name of the time period when humans lived are still living, pangea: _ is the name of the super continent, predict: learning evolution can help us _ how the earth and animals will evolve, mold: a _ is when body decays after the body is buried, creates a 3-d impression, tectonic: the earth's crust is divided into _ plates, trace: footprints is an example of a _ fossil, age: 4.5 billion years old is the _ of the earth, body: _ fossils are remains of ancient organisms that have not been dramatically altered.