Ancient India Crossword Puzzle

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Ancient India Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: hinduism: belief all souls are part of one universal spirit, varnas: four classes in ancient indian society, language family: a group of similar languages, stupa: a special, dome-shaped building meant to honor the buddha, jainism: religion that does not believe in a supreme being; emphasizes nonviolence and respect for all living things, monsoon: seasonal wind, sanskrit: the first written language of india , jati: smaller groups divided based on the four varnas, guru: a teacher, aryans: group of settlers in india that came about after the first civilization in india, raja: an indian prince, brahman: the universal spirit worshipped by hindus, buddhism: religion founded by siddhartha gautama; belief inner peace comes from ending desire, vedas: ancient sacred writings of india, subcontinent: large landmass that is smaller than a continent