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Ancient History Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: irrigation : the controlled distribution of water to crops and fields to support agriculture, fossil : the preserved remains or traces of ancient organisms, often found in rocks, which can provide clues about ancient life, cuneiform : one of the earliest systems of writing, consisting of wedge-shaped symbols on clay tablets, hieroglyphics : a system of writing used by the ancient egyptians, consisting of pictorial symbols or characters, artifact : any object made or used by humans in the past, such as tools, pottery, or jewelry, nomad : a person or group of people who move from place to place in search of food and resources, without a fixed home, archaeology : the study of past human societies through the excavation and analysis of artifacts, structures, and other remains, agriculture : the practice of farming and cultivating crops and domesticating animals for food and other resources, empire : a vast and diverse group of territories and peoples ruled by an emperor or king, city-state : an independent city and its surrounding territory, which often had its own government and laws, dynasty : a series of rulers from the same family or line who rule a country or region for an extended period, trade : the exchange of goods and services between individuals, groups, or regions, pharaoh : the title used for rulers of ancient egypt, often considered divine or god-like, pyramids : monumental structures with a square base and triangular sides, often used as tombs for pharaohs in ancient egypt, civilization : a complex society characterized by advanced culture, technology, government, and social organization.