Ancient Egypt Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Ancient Egypt Terms Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: hieroglyphics : a system of writing using pictorial symbols, carved or painted on walls, used by ancient egyptians, hittites : an ancient civilization that existed in anatolia (modern-day turkey) and played a role in the battle of kadesh, pyramids : monumental structures built as tombs for pharaohs, with triangular sides and a pointed top, tablet : a small, flat stone or clay surface used for writing or engraving, red lands : the desert areas surrounding the fertile nile river valley, papyrus : a type of paper made from the papyrus plant, commonly used for writing in ancient egypt, afterlife : the belief in an existence after death, where the soul would continue to live in another realm, hierarchy : a system of organizing people into different levels of importance or authority, funerary texts : written texts, such as the book of the dead, that were buried with the deceased to provide guidance and protection in the afterlife.religious beliefs and spells, pharaoh : the title given to the kings of ancient egypt, considered divine rulers with great authority, upper egypt : the southern part of egypt, located upstream from the nile delta, tombs : burial places where the bodies of the deceased, along with their belongings, were laid to rest, mummification : the process of preserving a body after death, commonly practiced in ancient egypt, ka : in ancient egyptian belief, the ka was an individual's life force or spiritual essence, black lands : the fertile land along the banks of the nile river, suitable for agriculture and settlement, peace treaty : an agreement signed between the egyptians and the hittites after the battle of kadesh to end