Ancient China Crossword Puzzle

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Ancient China Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: atheist: 15% of all chinese people are _ (no higher power), qin: he developed currency that everyone had to use during his reign. (page 293), huang he: the name of the "yellow river". (page 278), dragons: this animal has a spiritual meaning in china, confucius: he created the religion of confucianism. (page 286), zhou: china's longest dynasty. (page 283), warlords: military leaders who lead their own armies. (page 281), red: color of the chinese flag, hereditary: having title or possession by reason of birth is... (page 284), shang: the name of the first chinese dynasty. (page 281), dao: chinese system of beliefs which describes the way a king must rule. (page 284-5), mandate of heaven: the belief that the chinese king's right to rule came from the gods. (page 284), characters: most _ in the chinese language represent entire words. (page 283), mandarin: most common language spoken in china, xiongnu: the great wall was built to keep out who? (page 293), han: during this dynasty, there was peace and arts and literature blossomed. (page 295).