Jurassic Park Bingo

Download or create custom printable jurassic park bingo cards. The printable PDF file will include a calling sheet with all the words and random bingo cards.

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Jurassic Park Bingo

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Jurassic Park Bingo cards with words list based on the dialogs and characters from popular movie The Jurassic Park.

WORDS LIST: Hammond's, staff, Jurassic, park, entrance, "Hold, on, to, your, butts", "When, dinosaurs, ruled, the, earth", Brachiosaur, Gallimimus, Freezer, "That, doesn't, look, very, scary", Night-vision, goggles, Perimeter, fence, "Welcome, to, jurassic, park", "No, wonder, you're, extinct.", Dinosaur, sneeze, Power, out, Kitchen, "Spared, no, expense", Raptor, claw, Amberized, mosquito, Dilophosaurus, Triceratops, "Clever, girl", Dinosaur, droppings, Velociraptor, "Life, finds, a, way", Dr, ian, malcolm, T-rex, Ray, arnold, Alan, grant, "When, you, gotta, go, Ian, malcolm, Dennis, nedry, "Where's, the, goat?", The, cup, of, water, "We, got, dodgson, here!", A, car, in, a, tree, Ellie, sattler, Helicopter, "Dodgson, Chase, "Access, main, grid", Mosquito, in, amber, John, hammond, "She's..., Tenacious", Raptors, Toilet, Barbasol, can, "What, do, they, got, in, there?", Dr, ellie, sattler, Dr, alan, grant, Flare, Mr.DNA, Mr., Arnold's, arm, Jurassic, park, raincoat, Baby, velociraptor, Dinosaur, eggs, Jurassic, park, jeep, Jeep, "Stick!, Stick, stupid!, Ah, "You, gotta, go"