Anger Bingo

Make your own printable anger bingo cards. Customize, download and print randomized bingo cards.

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Edit / Customize 20 Cards - FREE

60 Cards - $6.95 90 Cards - $8.95 120 Cards - $10.95

What you can edit

To make changes, click on the 'Customize' button. You can change:

  • Title, Words
  • Grid size (e.g. 5x5 / 4x4 / 3x3)
  • Theme
  • Per page print option (single, two per page etc.)
  • Text color including (title & words)
  • Grid border style (boxed, lined or borderless), color & background
  • Words alignment
  • Option to include or remove free space
  • Change free space text color
  • Different options to fit words in grid (auto, same size, nowrap)
WORDS LIST: Give Mean Looks, Use Bad Words, Huff & Puff, Name Call, Hit Things, Hit Myself, Mumble Under Breath, Stomp, Roll on Floor, Make Threats, Kick, Hit People, Slam Doors, Yell & Scream, Clench Fists, Bullied, Hit My Self, Throw Objects, Run Away, Push or Shove, Face Turns Red, Cry, Make Loud Noises, Pace Back & Forth, Growl, Spit, High Heart Rate, Back Talk, Yelling