Woodworking Crossword Puzzle

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Woodworking Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: warp: a defect of the wood pieces overall shape, kerf: the amount of wood cut away by a saw blade's width, crosscut: this type of cutting is when you cut across the grain, ripping: this type of cutting is when you cut with the grain, teeth: the sharp and jagged part of a blade, hardwood: deciduous trees that bear a fruit or flower and they lose their leaves in the winter. these types of wood are great to make flooring out of, s2s: lumber that has two sided surfaced when bought, kickback: when a piece of wood gets pinched and thrown back at the operator by a spinning blade, square: you always want the corners of your wood piece to be _ . this means the corners are perfectly 90 degrees, grit: this is how sandpaper is categorized. the types of this include 80, 120, 220, etc, softwood: coniferous trees that bear needles and cones. these types of wood are great for construction building, pith: the center of a tree, nail: a steel fastener that is pointed and one end and flat on the other, knot: the leftover defect in a piece of wood where there used to be a branch on the tree, biscuit: small football shaped pieces of wood that can be used to strengthen a joint by cutting slots on either side and gluing this inside, jointer: this machine is used to create a straight flat surface on a wood piece, usually the edge grain, tablesaw: this machine is most often used to rip cut a board to its final width, bandsaw: this machine has a large, banded blade that spins around two fly wheels, miter: this kind of corner wood joinery is most commonly used for picture frames, grain: when sanding, it is best to always sand with the _ . this helps avoid unnecessary scratches.