Halloween Candy Bingo

Download or create custom printable halloween candy bingo cards. The printable PDF file will include a calling sheet with all the words and random bingo cards.

Halloween Candy Bingo

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Play this fun Halloween candy bingo by giving each player or participant a little cup full of candies and they will place the candies as cross mark the space until someone yells Bingo and will be the winner.

WORDS LIST: Blow-Pop, Hershey, Starburst, Zero, Sweet, Tarts, Hot, Tamales, Snickers, Sour, Skittles, 5th, Avenue, Whoppers, Pay, Day, Mr., Big, Skor, Smarties, Kit, Kat, Reeses, Sour, Patch, Kids, Baby, Ruth, Treasures, Air, Heads, Rocky, Road, Butterfinger, Hugs, Jolly, Ranchers, Nerds, O'Henry, Sugar, Daddy, Milky, Way, Fast, Break, Almond, Joy, Swedish, Fish, 100, Grand, Lifesavers, Skittles, Twix, 3, Musketeers, Twizzlers