First Day Of School Bingo

Make your own printable first day of school bingo bingo cards. Customize, download and print randomized bingo cards.

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First Day of School BINGO

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What you can edit

To make changes, click on the 'Customize' button. You can change:

  • Title, Words
  • Grid size (e.g. 5x5 / 4x4 / 3x3)
  • Theme
  • Per page print option (single, two per page etc.)
  • Text color including (title & words)
  • Grid border style (boxed, lined or borderless), color & background
  • Words alignment
  • Option to include or remove free space
  • Change free space text color
  • Different options to fit words in grid (auto, same size, nowrap)
WORDS LIST: Know how to swim, Speaks 2+ languages, Is the youngest or only child, Has broken a bone, Has more than two siblings, Plays sports, Has ridden a horse, Walks to school, Regularly watches TV, Has been to another state, Stays after school, Is left handed, Likes spicy food, Plays an instrument, Likes to read, Enjoys math, Like to play sports, Went camping over the summer, Doesn't like pineapple on pizza, Is wearing green today, Has a family member in the school/class, Wears glasses, Been outside the country, Went to the park, Has had stitches, Has chores, Likes to draw, Went to a theme park, Goes by a nickname, Has a dog, Likes pizza, Likes to sing, Took summer school, Went to the beach, Loves fast food, Likes to play video games, Can whistle, Loves to dance, Has a cat, Blue is their favorite color